General Manager


Jonathan Gruehr

General Manager

How long you’ve worked at the Dimmick: I am relatively new to Jorgenson’s at The Dimmick Inn, having started in May 2015, but I am an industry veteran.
Favorite dish on the menu: Herb Encrusted Chicken
Favorite drink: Craft beers and IPA’s
Favorite part about working at the Dimmick: It’s really about my passion for service and the food service industry. I could be doing this just about anywhere and be happy because this is what I love to do, but what make this special for me is that it’s my hometown. I actually get to work where I live and it’s a great feeling to be working in Milford and have the ability to get reacquainted with the community and the happenings around town.
Fun fact about you: I am an avid outdoorsmen and love to hunt and fish.

Other Fun Facts about Jonathon
  • Lived in Milford his whole life, except when he attended college.
  • Father used to own The Village Market in the 60’s & 70’s, which is now the Naked Bagel on Broad Street.

Spend your life doing what you think you should do until you realize what you’re meant to do.