Mary Jorgenson


How long have you been with Jorgenson’s at the Dimmick Inn?: My husband and I bought the restaurant in 2008…actually he bought it and came home and told me. My husband was in the banking industry, but had this insatiable passion for cooking. He cooked a lot and thankfully because of that all of our sons cook. Our son Andrew is even a Culinary Institute graduate. Over the years, we had been coming to Milford from Brooklyn quite a bit visiting friends that had weekend homes here and we fell in love with the area. So, we built a house and became weekenders and before I knew it – only two years later – we became full-time residents. It’s been an interesting number of years, but I have loved every minute of it.
Favorite dish on the menu: The Shrimp Scallop Scampi. I absolutely love shrimp and scallops and when you add them to the risotto here, it’s such a great combination.
Favorite drink: White Zinfandel.
Favorite part about owning the Dimmick: The social aspect. I am constantly meeting new people and it also allows me to get to know the people I see out in the community – at church, the grocery store, or walking around town.
Fun Fact About Me:
I come from a family of 13 – nine brothers and three sisters and I am the first girl of my family after seven brothers! I would definitely say that having seven brothers has made me rough and tumble, but the lessons I learned growing up in a family that size and with that many brothers is how to deal with differen’t people’s attitudes and really just how to talk to people. So many things that go on just don’t mean anything. You really need to focus on what’s really important.
And what’s really important to me is my nine grandchildren. They are my world and bring me so much joy and happiness. I spend a lot of my time with them and my family. I am a big baseball grandmother and it’s rare that I miss a game and you will find at church every Sunday. Family is everything and I hope that you feel that when you’re in my restaurant.