Lynn Dobrowolski


How long you’ve worked at the Dimmick: I have been here since the Jorgenson’s bought the Dimmick and turned it into Jorgenson’s at the Dimmick Inn in 2008. So, seven years and counting.
Favorite dish on the menu: The lamb chops. They are just delicious.
Favorite drink: To be honest, I am a wino. If I had to pick my favorite drink here, it’s definitely the wine.
Favorite part about working at the Dimmick: I have been working in the community for about 20 years and the best part about working here is the customers. I know their names, what they drink, and I learn a little bit more about them every time they are in. They are loyal, fun, and make working here even better.
Fun fact about you: I am always laughing and not quietly to myself; you can usually hear my hearty, indistinguishable laugh from anywhere in the bar…and that’s saying something some nights! When I am not bartending, I really enjoy getting on the Harley with my husband and riding to the shore or to undiscovered places – at least by us.


Lisa Steo Ryan

Bartender & Waitress

Nickname: Lee
How long you’ve worked at the Dimmick: Since 2011.
Favorite dish on the menu: Geez, I can’t pick just one! That’s way too hard, but I do really like the filet mignon, duck, and lamb chops. They are all so good that I really couldn’t pick just one. To be even more honest, I could probably keep going!
Favorite drink: Sangria. I’m a wine gal.
Favorite part about working at the Dimmick: The people. The customers are really nice people and we have a good group of regulars that make coming to work not feel like work. And every year we have regulars that come the same time each year or for the summer and it’s always great to welcome them back. We all just have fun.
Fun fact about you: I am a retired Wall Street commodities trader and got bored in my early retirement, so I decided that I wanted to do something. I had been through Milford a number of times and stopped here a few times and just loved the atmosphere so when I decided I wanted to go back to work, this was my first choice.

When I am not here I really love hiking the area trails, being on the river, and just being outdoors with my pups.